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— Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330) (@JoeBiden) March 13, 2020. This week, Biden released his “combat coronavirus” plan, which does not include a single travel ban — not even for Wuhan, China, where the virus originated — and does not mention the terms “Wuhan” or “China” despite their connections to the issue.

Hillary Clinton issued a warning for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a new interview released Tuesday, urging the former vice president to not concede defeat on the night of the Nov Donald Trump's objective was to rattle Joe Biden - and he planned to do it by constantly interrupting the former vice-president. By CBS News's count, Trump cut in on Biden a total of 73 times. 2 days ago Joe Biden Just Won Arizona—and He Has Latinx Activists to Thank for It A decade of grassroots work finally bore fruit in a presidential election. Joe Biden will win Virginia's 13 electoral votes. Fox News Voter Analysis: How Joe Biden won Arizona FOX News; Today in History for November 4th 1 day ago How Joe Biden won back blue-collar workers in the crucial Rust Belt states Trump's appeal has waned in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan - the trio of traditionally Democratic states that

The upshot of it all is: the less we hear from Joe Biden, the better for Joe Biden. This is why those invested in Biden’s success have done everything they can to make it look like not just a sad necessity but a moral imperative that Biden stay as hidden as possible. PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The first of the three highly anticipated 2020 presidential debates occurred Tuesday night as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in Cleveland. 2 days ago Democrat Joe Biden won Massachusetts, according to the Associated Press. President Donald Trump has won Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Biden meanwhile has won Connecticut, Delaware Joe Biden on Thursday said he is withholding his position on the pivotal issue of expanding the Supreme Court until after Election Day, telling reporters that, “you’ll know my opinion on court 2 days ago Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden visits with residents across the street from the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Aquatic Center in Wilmington, Del., Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. Joe Biden has a plan to build on the Affordable Care Act by giving Americans more choice, reducing health care costs, and making our health care system less complex to navigate. Read more. A Tale of Two Tax Policies. Trump Rewards Wealth, Biden Rewards Work. The Biden Plan To.

Joe Biden probably won't stop making comments some people find sexist, but it won't necessarily hurt his campaign; Beto O'Rourke says America can do 'far better' than Joe Biden, becoming the 2 days ago Transcript for Minnesota projected to be won by Joe Biden This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. How voting rules and deadlines differ in … Joe Biden’s refusal to answer the straightforward question of whether he would, if elected, knuckle under to the daft court-packing scheme demanded by the progressive wing of his party is the

Joe Biden, 47th vice president of the United States (2009–17) in the Democratic administration of Pres. Barack Obama and the party’s nominee for president in 2020. He previously represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate (1973–2009). Learn more about Biden’s life and career. America is furious. US President Donald Trump's ‘losers and suckers’ scandal has taken the nation by a storm and Joe Biden — former vice president, now the presumptive Democratic nominee — is now dipping his toes in the controversy. “Quite frankly, if what is written in The Atlantic is true, it is disgusting,” Biden said during an emotional speech in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday 1 day ago Stephen Colbert Celebrates Not Knowing If Joe Biden Or Donald Trump Won. The late night host tells why "it's actually a good thing" the presidential race has yet to be decided. By Ron Dicker. Stephen Colbert ended his Showtime election special Tuesday without a winner in the presidential race between incumbent Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Joe Biden won the Duel of the Town Halls. Some people would say he won it because he answered the questions at his town hall in thoughtful policy-oriented coherent sentences on topics ranging from the Supreme Court to Fracking to Uniting the Country to Combatting COVID !9. Other people would contend he won because Trump was Trump at his event. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks to union carpenters during a campaign event in Hermantown, Minn., September 18, 2020. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) On an issue that could effectively Joe Biden Won’t Travel to Milwaukee for Democratic National Convention Event will now be entirely virtual due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic

1 day ago A major, major win for Joe Biden in the state of Wisconsin.” The Trump campaign has requested a recount of the state , but the odds of 20,000 more Trump votes being found are close to zero. 2 days ago Transcript for Rhode Island projected to be won by Joe Biden. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. Florida and Iowa projected to be won by Trump . 1 day ago Former Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that “it’s clear” he will have eclipsed the 270 electoral college votes necessary to win the general election once every ballot has been counted. Biden, speaking alongside Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris in Wilmington, Delaware, took a thinly veiled shot at President Donald

In Nashville on Thursday night Donald Trump and Joe Biden fought to a draw on the debate stage — which means that Biden won, and won big. That's because he holds a national polling lead of

1 day ago Joe Biden has won absentee ballots counted in Pennsylvania by an overwhelming margin so far, according to data from the Secretary of State early Wednesday. If … 2 days ago Election Update: Joe Biden Won This Key Demographic in a Landslide It was a proclamation that American voters took to heart: 2020 is the most important election of our lifetime. Early vote numbers suggest that Tuesday’s political content will be the … Joe Biden is no stranger to the campaign trail. In fact, his 2020 campaign is his third time seeking the presidency. Not only did Biden run alongside President Barack Obama in 2008, but also he Joe Biden has a medical device implanted in his skull. It’s called the Esteem Hearing Implant which you can learn about HERE . It’s an implant that goes into the skull above the ear and it has two micro-wire probes that are injected into the nerves inside the ear canal. 2 days ago The Electoral Map if Joe Biden Won Every State Where Ludacris Once Claimed to Have Hoes An interview with a different kind of map guru. By Heather Schwedel. Nov 03, 2020 9:25 PM. 2 days ago Democrat Joe Biden has won Arizona and its 11 electoral votes, flipping a critical battleground state that Donald Trump won four years ago and that could help determine which candidate wins the presidency. The victory by Biden was a huge blow to Trump’s chances for reelection. Tags Newsweek 2020 presidential campaign Joe Biden Tara Reade Trump Nancy Pelosi Donald Trump Biden family Joe Biden 1988 presidential campaign Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign View the Joe Biden is the Former vice president of the United States and is a candidate in the 2020 US presidential election. Find out more about his bio and key issues.

Joe Biden's love for baseball is well-publicized.The Democratic presidential candidate played during his school days, has been spotted attending Philadelphia Phillies games over the years and even

Joe Biden is picking up where his old boss, President Barack Obama, left off, claiming to be fighting against the insurance companies while he’s fighting side by side on the same side as them.

2 days ago Former Vice President Joe Biden will win Massachusetts and capture its 11 Electoral College votes. The Associated Press called the race soon … 1 day ago In two towns, results reported as of 10 a.M. Wednesday morning show Biden won by just one vote:Sutton:Biden - 3,042Trump - 3,041Webster: Biden - 4,003Trump - … 19 hours ago Biden takes lead as Trump files lawsuits against states he falsely claims he won Although several key states are still counting ballots, former Vice President Biden has pulled ahead of President 2 days ago All eyes on the midwest as contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden hinges on a handful of states Wed 4 Nov 2020 08.57 EST First published on Tue 3 Nov 2020 08.52 EST Who won the debate? The final presidential debate of the 2020 election took place Thursday as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in Nashville. Who won the debate? The final presidential debate of the 2020 election took place Thursday as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in Nashville. 1 day ago Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden won the battleground prizes of Michigan and Wisconsin on Wednesday, reclaiming a key part of the “blue wall” that slipped away from Democrats four years ago and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (/ ˈ b aɪ d ən / BY-dən; born November 20, 1942) is an American politician who served as the 47th vice president of the United States in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2017. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as United States Senator for Delaware from 1973 to 2009. He is the Democratic presidential nominee for the 2020 election, running against Thank you for joining our campaign to elect Joe Biden. By providing your mobile phone number you consent to receive recurring text messages from Biden for President. Message & Data Rates May Apply. Text HELP for Info. Text STOP to opt out. No purchase necessary. 1 day ago Joe Biden Didn’t Declare Victory, But He Thinks He Won The Democratic nominee pledged to count all the votes as President Donald Trump’s campaign files lawsuits to stop counting. 1 day ago Biden has won more votes any prez candidate in WI history. Folks: Joe Biden just won Wisconsin.” (RELATED: Georgia’s Presidential Election Results Potentially Delayed Until Friday After Pipe Bursts In Room Containing Mail-In Ballots) Green Bay and Kenosha results are in. Biden is now up in Wisconsin by roughly 20,600 votes. MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Charles (Joe) Joseph Scarborough Scarborough: Putin more likely to take tough question than Trump Michael Keaton urges Biden not to debate Trump again: 'You won… 1 day ago Joe Biden is the apparent winner in Wisconsin, according to an NBC News projection, flipping a state that President Donald Trump had won in 2016. As of Wednesday afternoon, NBC showed Biden 2 days ago TIME cover story: Even If Joe Biden Wins, He Will Govern in Donald Trump’s America Trump’s lead in Georgia narrowed on Thursday to just 9,525 votes, with 99% of expected votes counted. 1 day ago Joe Biden is on track to win the Electoral College and the 2020 presidential election over Donald Trump. Mail ballots are giving him the lead in Wisconsin, Michigan … US 2020 Election Live updates: Joe Biden appears to have won Wisconsin after election boss announced count was complete Joe Biden has increased his chances of obtaining a US election victory after Wisconsin state's electoral board leader announced the state has completed its election count with Biden 1 day ago Biden won by just over 1 percentage point, with 99% of precincts reporting unofficial results. The former vice president held 2,688,604 Michigan votes while Trump held 2,618,093 votes. 2 days ago “Multiple latest national polls show President Trump within 5 points of Joe Biden, including one pollster who gives Biden only a 1-point edge and another who puts the gap at just 3. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.1% only to go on to get trounced in the Electoral College. Meanwhile, the once formidable leads Biden held in

2 days ago Joe Biden has won his home state of Delaware and deep blue New Jersey, according to projections by… Polls are now closed in Pennsylvania. The polls have closed in Pennsylvania, capping an Election Day with high turnout in this… Philly region voter turnout appeared to … 2 days ago SANTA FE — Joe Biden won the presidential contest in New Mexico and captured the state's five Electoral College votes. Biden's statewide election victory on Tuesday without a campaign visit to

1 day ago Joe Biden won't have to worry about working with Republicans, he'll have to worry about Democrats. By Eddie Scarry | November 04, 2020 10:52 PM … Joe Biden on Thursday said he is withholding his position on the pivotal issue of expanding the Supreme Court until after Election Day, telling reporters that, “you’ll know my opinion on court