Interproximal carver

Interproximal carver. Tofflemire retainer (0042668) hold metal matrix around the tooth when restoring a class 2 cavity prep. Tofflemire retainer. Amalgam Well. Used to hold amalgam. Amalgam Carrier (AC5202) To carry and dispense amalgam for cavity prep. Articulating paper forceps (APF2)

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Great Lakes Dental Technologies (formerly Great Lakes Orthodontics) is an employee owned company, with over 270 employee-owners who design, develop and manufacture products for the orthodontic, dental, and sleep/airway markets. Wise Dental Carvers – Interproximal. Extremely Thin, Flexible Blade. Off-Angle Provides Better Access to posterior Areas. Dental Amalgam Restoration. Interproximal Carver 2 off angle. Quick view. Cleoid Discoid Carver 89/92. Quick view. Cleoid Discoid Carver 2. Quick view. Cleoid Discoid Carver 1/2... Carver Hollenback 1/2. Quick view. Carver Frahm 2/3. Quick view. Carver Frahm 1. Quick view. Amalgam Carver Ward 2. Quick view. Amalgam Carver Ward 1S. Showing 1 to 12 of 14 total. Sort By Acorn Carver AEMCB21ATNZ. Condenser/Plugger 0 AEMCC-P0TNZ. Condenser/Plugger 1 AEMCC-P1TNZ. Condenser/Plugger 2 AEMCC-P2TNZ. Interproximal Carver AEMCCAIPCTNZ. Micro-Spoon Excavator 4 AEMCEXC4TNZ. Micro-Spoon Excavator 5 AEMCEXC5TNZ. Micro-Spoon Excavator 6 AEMCEXC6TNZ. Shepherd's Hook Explorer AEMCEXP5TNZ. CARVER, DENTAL CARVER DENTAL AMALGAM INTERPROXIMAL CARVER DOUBLE ENDED ACR to replace this to the item with below was submitted. Ordering Information: www.Hu-friedy.Com Minnesota IPC-1 Interproximal Carver Product Code: 3C1445 DEXL Minn IPC-1 Carver Ordering Information: IPC Interproximal Carver Product Code: 3C1155 DEXL IPC Carver NSN Pending CVIPCOA - Carver #1. Cod CVIPCOA. Extremely thin, flexible blade. Off-angle provides better access to posterior areas. 36,40 € Slots – Mirror, Perio Probe, Cowhorn Explorer, Spoon Excavator, Hollenback Carver, Cleoid/Discoid Carver, Amalgam Condenser Plugger, Interproximal Carver, Small Plugger, Pear–shaped Burnisher, Finishing Burnisher, Composite Instrument, Universal Posterior Sickle Scaler, Packing Instrument. Side Compartment – Anesthetic Syringe, Articulating Paper Holder, 2 Matrix Band Holders, A/W