Leveld kunstnartun

2020 - 2021. Painting programme. Turps banana, london, england. 2011 - 2015. Individualized bfa with visual studies minor. California college of the arts, oakland and san francisco, california 2018 Leveld Kunstnartun, NO 2017 (July) Vestfossen Kuntlaboratoriums guest studio, Vestfossen, NO 2017 Guest studio, Troms fylkeskultursenter, Troms , NO 2015 Resiendcy at Utsira Lighthouse, NO Leveld Kunstnartun, Norway | Free wiki platform to promote online content related to the cultural and creative industries in Europe and South Mediterranean countries. To look for stones to look life in the face | leveld kunstnartun #1. Sanne Kabalt August 8, 2018. Unsettling Capture: Wording, Haunting, Dissolving. Sanne Kabalt July 13, 2018. Capturing dissolving. Sanne Kabalt May 2, 2018. The testing of reality. Sanne Kabalt September 28, 2017. 2016 Leveld Kunstnartun, Hallingdal REVIEW 2019 Norwegian Art Yearbook 2018 tenke, Oda Bhar, Morgenbladet 2018 Anmeldelse "Jeg kler meg, ergo er jeg?", Mona Pahle Bjerke, Studio 2 - P2 Leveld Kunstnartun l, Norway 05.10.20-30.010.20 Due to the ethereal nature surrounding Leveld Kunstnartun, I did not have to walk far to be inspired. A natural element that was particularly inspiring was gray reindeer lichen. Its shape and texture influenced the grid pattern and shading techniques that I implemented in my drawings.